So Aesthetics Makeup hosted by Sai Wine & Champaign Café

February 20, 2017
Source: Faith Senam/
So Aesthetics Makeup hosted by Sai Wine & Champaign Café

People make up for a variety of reasons or purposes. Whereas some makeup to look and feel pretty and glamorous, others also wear makeup to cover-up their acne and other facial disorders. Some also wear makeup in order to enhance their outer beauty.

In the quest to achieve all these, one must also ensure they are not harming the skin bearing in mind the skin’s need to breathe, be nourished and nurtured.

Makeup have become most women’s daily routine without which it is close to impossible for them to step out. The right type of makeup for your skin could go a long way to enhance your skin and make you feel confident.

So Aesthetic, a Ghanaian luxury makeup brand, whose philosophy is to unveil the secrets of natural flawless make up for all skin type and ethnicity  assures young women of providing the best products that best suits our skin by producing products that are ideal for various skin type and color.

At an event hosted by Sai Wine and Champaign Café, Sacha Okoh, CEO of So Aesthetic and a professional makeup artist engaged fellow makeup artists and beauty experts in an evening of Wine and Makeup.

The event brought together top makeup and beauty experts within the makeup and beauty industry in Ghana to wine, interact and learn from each other.

Sacha also used the opportunity to introduce her new lip eye liner and black pencil which will be officially launched in a couple of weeks assuring them of efforts being put in place to produce the best products for all skin types and color.

She said: “We have actually paid attention to the quality of the products we produce making sure you do not have any infection as a result of using these products on different people.”

She expressed her excitement at the support she has gained so far from fellow makeup artists who keep at least a product of their So Aesthetic in their range of products to use. She added that So Aesthetic has always targeted the niche market until quite recently where they have had to venture into the social space and explore the opportunities which have so far been helpful to the growth of the brand.

SO Aesthetics’make up features a wide range of concealer and foundation colors, powders, for lips, cheeks and eyes and the collection of the finest brushes. They also provide makeup consultation and services to include bridal makeup, fashion shows, editorials and advertising as well as skin care services and make up lessons.

With a majority of women not leaving home without one form of makeup or the other on, one also needs to be weary of choosing the right make type for their skin, one that So Aesthetic Makeup brand guarantees.