Moro Awudu: the new morning man at Class FM

February 6, 2017
Source: Ophelia Laryea | | Ghana
Moro Awudu: the new morning man at Class FM

When you tune in to Class FM every morning, one is greeted with a calm, incisive and authoritative voice. That voice belongs to Moro Awudu, a professional marketer and broadcaster, who has been a regular on radio for well over a decade.

Starting out at the University of Ghana’s Radio Universe, the highly-acclaimed training ground for many radio presenters in the country who went through the institution, Moro Awudu’s most memorable days on radio were when he hosted the morning show at Citi FM.

But his hope, as the new Executive Breakfast Show (EBS) host at Class FM,is to create bigger and better memories at Class FM, make the station better and take it to the top in a very competitive and aggressive field.

“Class FM is an emerging brand; a year and a half old.So, my plan is to make sure that we stand on our feet so we can make it one of the most listened to radio stations. I want a situation where when you put five people together, out of the five, three should tell you that they listen to Class FM,” he says in an interview with the B&FT Weekend.

The EBS on CLASS 91.3 FM has served listeners a wide array of programming content, ranging from current affairs happenings, sports, business and personal development counseling, with exclusive interviews with personalities from diverse fields of sports, music, arts, literature, politics and the environment.

The show has an urban lifestyle, current affairs magazine show approach, with a special focus on business and social politics. It is strong on political and social governance and development themes. It is quick-paced, persistent, consistent, exciting, unpredictable, cosmopolitan and grounded on practicality. Better still, it reflects the aspirational values of the Ghanaian society.

The EBS is non-partisan, non-doctrinal, uncompromising on corporate values, and a trusted hub for informed policy analysis, segmented to appeal to various audience demographics.

As the new host of the morning show and Head of Talk Programmes at Class FM, Moro plans to leverage on these features of the show and make it one of the most listened to morning shows.

But for four years, between 2012 and 2016, Moro was off radio. Apart from pursuing other media related jobs, which have given him much more experience in media communication and advertising, the 38-year old went to pursue further educational opportunities in the United Kingdom.


As the first of three children, Moro, whose roots stem back to Salaga in the Northern Region,was born on April 25,1978,at Dzodzein the Volta Region.

He later moved to Accra to start his education at the Osu Royal School, before continuing at Dzorwulu Primary School, Aggrey Memorial International School and to De Youngsters International School.

After his JHS education, he gained admission to Adisadel College, after which he entered the University of Ghana to read a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Theatre Arts.


It was during his days at the University of Ghana that Moro kick-started his career in radio and journalism. As a volunteer at Radio Universe, the University of Ghana campus based station, his first taste of radio made him fall in love with the media and arts.

Due to his hard work and industry, Moro Awudu was invited by Citi FM to undertake his national service. “At Citi FM I was in the newsroom as a producer, producing the Eyewitness News, hosted Brunch in the City, and at some point I hosted the Citi Breakfast Show when Bernard Avle [the current host] left to do his masters.”

After convincing management of his capabilities, Moro was employed by Citi FM from 2005 to 2011 before leaving to study for his MSc in Marketing at the University of Roehampton, United Kingdom.

It was during his stay at Roehampton University that Moro got an offer from the newly established radio station, XYZ,set up by the late David Lamptey to come back to radio.

When he came back to Ghana and started working with radio XYZ, he wasn’t on air but rather worked in the capacity of marketing manager.

Despite the unexpected demise of the founder of the radio station, which saw many On Air Personalities (OAPs) and other staff depart the station, Moro explains that he stayed on for about three and half years before leaving to head the Communication and Media Relation of EPP Books.

“One of the things about me is that am a very loyal person, unless, of course, I am being pushed to the wall.  So, I stayed there [Radio XYZ] for about three and a half years and left in October, 2015.  And I left because things weren’t getting any better.”

At EPP books, Moro says he did a marvelous job by improving the communications team to a better level than he had met it.

Due to his amazing talent and professional skills, the astute broadcaster and marketer landed a well-paid six-month job at a Swedish oil company. It was at the completion of that contract that he was invited by Class Fm to take over as the Head of Talk Programmes.

Future and leisure

As a fan of Chelsea and Hearts of Oak, Moro sees football as his favorite sport and hopes to learn swimming soon. He does love his Ghana Jollof rice and chicken too.

And where does he want to be in the next five years?“In two to five years I still see myself working at Class FM. I also hope that I will venture into marketing and media consultancy so I can help people who want to set up any form of media.”