Welcome back, Dzigbordi! …comes with new brand and marks Allure’s 10th anniversary with a re-launch

December 16, 2016
Source: Bernard Yaw Ashiadey |thebftonline |Ghana
Welcome back, Dzigbordi! …comes with new brand and marks Allure’s 10th anniversary with a re-launch

For the past eighteen months Dzigbordo Dosoo has been missing, literally, from her desk at Allure Spa in the City, numerous stages, and the television screens.

Due to the sudden death of her husband, Lionel Van Lare Dosoo in May, 2015, Dzigbordi said she went into a dark place, a place very challenging that for a year and a half she couldn’t stop things fallen apart around her including declining growth of her business.

“I call my husband a pillar who in the worst case scenario was always there. His loss has being very difficult and very challenging,” she says.

But she is back and definitely back with a bang! After eighteen months away from the spotlight, she is ready to step back into it and she is doing things a whole lot differently now.

"I had to decide to turn my pain into a window to serve the world and painstakingly take the necessary steps in a lot of discomfort to get me there. It's been quite some time going through the process and although it's a continuing journey, I'm back on the horse, taking the reins and galloping on," she says.

She is back with a holding company known as DKD Holdings which now has two distinct divisions: the brand ‘Dzigbordi’ which operates solely online has several offshoots and the revamped Allure Spa in the City which also has new and innovative additions to make the life of clients better.

Dzigbordi, or simply ‘D’

Under the brand Dzigbordi, or simply ‘D’ she now has three separate segments which are coach, speaker and consultant.


As a coach, Dzigbordi uses life and image leadership models backed by her personal experiences to transform the lives of her clients. “I will walk the journey with you whilst pushing you to take a step towards the quest of your next level with desire. I have coached top executives, existing, developing and potential entrepreneurs and young individuals all around the world.

“With all my years as a certified coach my passion to transform lives has been my greatest approach as, entrepreneurs have been born and career paths have shattered limitations. In my profession as a Life Coach, one of the things I get to do every day is listen.

“Listen carefully, listen engagingly and get to understand the root of your problem in order to attain a process of action as a progress to give you invaluable output. You will definitely walk away redefined,” she says.


Under the speaker umbrella, she is recognized as a highly sought after empowering and impactful speaker delivering keynote resource personality contributions and seminars for top corporate organizations, groups and individuals in Africa.

“My area of focus is Lifestyle, Image, Wellness, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, professional passion using my models (life leadership) DKD and (Image Leadership) The 3Cs. The output after attending any of my speaking engagements will help you redefine yourself and figure out the next steps to take on your journey in order to make the right decision. Over the years I have spoken on many platforms and conferences, both locally and internationally making a strong, significant and life changing impact with super takeaways,” she adds.


As a consultant she describes herself as passionate, knowledgeable, articulate, exciting and thorough. “I handle every expert topic with connection and emotional clarity, because I have lived the experience and walked the journey,” she says.

Dzigbordi explains that working with her as an individual, group or organization will help improve your results and leave you and/or your organization empowered and transformed through her breakthrough and educative Corporate Grooming, Relationship and Communication concepts.

Also found under the ‘D’ umbrella, is the Dzigbordi Show, an interactive and solution-oriented talk show, delving into unique topics and penetrating into the deep thoughts of guests to solve, share and learn; "D In 5", an up to 5minute video of value based nuggets from Dzigbordi; D-Inspired, a show where she inspire you to succeed, move forward and break the barrier.

Even though Dzigbordi has been coaching, speaking and consulting for years, her comeback is meant to separate her coaching, speaking and consulting from Allure Spa in the City.

She explains that due to the challenges she faced during her difficult times clients at Allure Spa in the City became worried when she was physically present and that hurt the growth of the company.

“When I went off the scene people thought Allure has become lifeless but it was because so many things were happening in the life of Dzigbordi who has become synonymous with Allure.

This is the reason why we are separating the brands. So now if something happens to Dzigbordi it will stand on its own. Allure went on the decline for many reasons because Dzigbordi wasn’t there, now Allure is in full recovery and is marking its 10th anniversary this year with a re-launch,” she says.

Backed by books and coaching course all on www.dzigbordik.com, Dzigbordi hopes, with her experience and pain, to transform lives and give people a purpose to live their lives to the fullest. “I teach and help you get access to the books and you can always get them online. All these books are basically skill development and skill building,” she says.