Jahmino: budding dancehall and afro-pop artiste uncovered

November 24, 2016
Source: Patrick Paintsil | thebftonline | Ghana
Jahmino: budding dancehall and afro-pop artiste uncovered

Fast-rising dancehall and afro-pop artiste, Samuel Narh, who goes by the stage name “Jahmino” is the new big thing on the entertainment block.

The Osu-based show stopper has survived the tough blocks that most upcoming or better still “under-ground” artistes are faced with and he is now poised to take his hustle to a new level.

The versatile dancehall and afro-pop artiste, who has been in the music business for close to a decade, is poised to stir up the flames of the ever-popular dancehall genre with his flair, creativity and fascinating stage craft.

The multi-talented artiste disclosed to the B&FT Weekend in an exclusive interview that he has what it takes to be at the higher sides of the music scene having survived and learned from the struggles and tough experiences as an “under-ground artiste”.

Jahmino, who discovered his talent at a very young age, currently boasts more than 20 songs which he intends to compile into an album.

Dance-song “Kelewa”, a sure banger and the poster song off his soon to be released album will bring onto the music scene a new dance that can rival the likes of “Azonto” and other trending dance moves this festive season and beyond.

Jahmino said of the song: “With Kelewa, I’m hoping to bring onto the music scene a new and unique dance. I believe that dancing has a way of helping to release stress aside being an entertaining act.”

Jahmino’s describes his kind of music to be a unique blend of his soothing voice and strong command over the raggae/dancehall genre.

“What makes my music unique is the fact that I’m not easily predictable; I always try as much as possible to perfect my arts both on stage and in the studio because I believe that is one way of staying relevant in the music scene,” Jahmino told the B&FT Weekend.

As an up and coming entertainer, Jahmino keeps mastering his stage craft by pulling together colleague musicians for shows most of which are sponsored by him.

He narrates: “I believe I have to do something to push myself up the music ladder so there are times I bring together my fellow upcoming musicians to have a show of our own.”

In the next few years, the promising musician wants to be popular on the lips of both entertainers and revelers alike.

“In the next few years, I want to see myself as a top artiste; and it will happen for sure. My fans should expect hit songs; music of the choice and nothing else”, he said.