Experience Elegance with Egudzi Beads and Accessory

November 18, 2016
Source: Faith Senam |thebftonline |Ghana
Experience Elegance with Egudzi Beads and Accessory

Adorning your look with a handmade beaded accessory adds some feel to your look. Choosing the right type of accessory for a specific occasion can complement your entire look as well as mar it if not done properly. One accessory brand that adds elegance with a touch of originality to their pieces and offers a variety of options for the modern fashionable woman is Egudzi.

Designed by Ewurama Ricketts, Egudzi beads is an Accra-based fashion house. It boasts of a chic collection of neckpieces carefully selected to capture the very essence of elegance. This pursuit is aptly captured by the brand tag-line; ‘Experience Elegance’ which is inspired by the sheer sophistication and style of the modern African woman.

Egudzi literally means treasures or jewelry in Fante. It is a delicate mix of authentic African jewelry pieces melded with exotic Eurasian gems to produce exquisite works of finesse guaranteed to display the wearer’s beauty and elegant look. They come in various sizes, shapes and vibrant colors and are put together stylishly to elicit a sophisticated look that naturally complements a classy woman’s outfit and draws out her inherent beauty.

Ewurama explains that she constantly draws inspiration from using antique materials and adding a modern twist to it. “I have always had an eye for elegance. For me, the highest form of elegance resides in simplicity and this principle is what drives my craft.”

Egudzi’s unique pieces are exclusively handmade and put together utilizing original African beads mixed with a sprinkling of authentic pure grade European and Asian gemstones to give it a more trendy and bold look.

This has created brand affinity among young and influential women who want to look trendy at the same time add a traditional ethnic feel to their outfit. Having provided accessory for Madam Joyce Aryee, Gifty Bingley, Naa Ashorkor, Baisiwa Hammond amongst others, Ewurama looks forward to seeing Egudzi brand accessory as an ideal jewelry for today’s woman.

Complimenting your outfit with an accessory piece adds a bit of pop and color to your look. The right type, color and design can always compleiment what you are wearing. Regardless of the occasion you can always choose a certain type of accessory to add an extra touch of elegance to your entire look.