Accra City Hotel organises Breast Cancer Awareness outreach

November 18, 2016
Source: thebftonline |Ghana
Accra City Hotel organises Breast Cancer Awareness outreach

Hundreds of female traders and buyers at the Rawlings Park in Accra have benefitted from a Breast Cancer Awareness Outreach, organised by Accra City Hotel in collaboration with Astrazeneca, a world-renowned pharmaceutical company.

The Outreach formed part of a month-long Breast Cancer Awareness Programme which is key on Accra City Hotel’s corporate social investment plan for the enclave in which it is operating.

Before reaching out, the Hotel organised a breast cancer awareness and sensitisation lecture for all its female staff.

The Outreach was aimed at creating awareness, educating, screening and counselling women on breast cancer. About a dozen trained medical practitioners took the market women through the exercise.

Yaw Mamphey, the Sales and Marketing Manager, said the Hotel values its neighbours, which includes the traders and buyers in the surrounding markets, thus, the Hotel owes it a duty to serve them in any way that typifies the corporate social investment objectives of the Hotel.

“Accra City Hotel considered it very important to help our market women to have knowledge of breast cancer and escape its infection. We believe the breast feeds nations and we must help to protect it,” Mr. Mamphey.

“We trust that this Outreach will continue every year, considering the manner in which the disease is ravaging the lives of millions of women in our part of the world. We don’t have to sit for the canker to reach a crisis stage before we act; we are committed to helping in our small way to alleviate the situation,” Mr. Mamphey noted.

He expressed gratitude to Astrazeneca for the solid collaboration, while expressing hope that the relationship will be enriched for the health benefits of individuals, groups and organisations who are sited within the catchment area of the Hotel.

The Country Manager for Astrazeneca, William Ofori, commended Accra City Hotel for collaboration with Astrazeneca to organise the Outreach. He said the collaboration has widened the scope of possibilities in creating a well-informed and sensitised female populace on breast cancer.

He expressed the hope the Outreach will be enhanced to reach a larger scale. He called for more of such collaborations between health-focused companies and profit-making organisations.