The Times of Africa launched in Accra

November 16, 2016
Source: thebftonline |Ghana
The Times of Africa launched in Accra

The Times of Africa, an international business magazine, has been launched in Ghana to create a platform for Ghanaian businesses to meet their counterparts across the globe.

Primarily, the magazine, which has marked its presence in the world, will introduce the booming business potentials of Ghana and Africa to the world.

The primary focus of the magazine is on the promotion of Africa’s economic policy, business management, capacity building, trade, travel and tourism.

Supported by a team of proficient writers, editors and extremely creative designers, high quality information is always supplied to its readers and the greatest emphasis is laid on highlighting various African countries through special reports. The magazines are tailor-made with the essence of political and business potentials of a country assuring good quality and authentic content, together with attractive designing to allure business elites.

Rohit khattar, the Chief Executive Officer of The Times of Africa, says “We get to the desks of business executives and officials operating across distinct fields of business and regions of the continent. Our readership target is inclusive of CEOs, chairpersons, Managing Directors, senior government officials, general managers and technical managers. Choose us, choose success, advertise with us and expand your company’s potentiality while we take your message to powerful audience and great players of Africa and industries.”

“Gaining a wide acceptance from our online readers, the magazine has left its strong impression in the digital world as well. We are witnessing a good response for our digital

magazine available via different web portals. Our efficient team of professionals is always on their toes to provide the readers with the best of the news and be continuously connected to them through various social media networks,” he added.

The magazine is divided into several categories. Some of them are:

 Business Bulletin: readers will gain much additional business news which is a great way to add to their awareness.

Top Story: The Top Story summarizes a national headline, event or a story, happening on a worldwide level.

Spotlight Country: information about a country is provided wherein thought provoking stories are featured on subjects concerning economy, trade developments, business environment, culture, travel and tourism etc.

Feature: the magazine features stories covering varied topics in depth. The information that is provided in this category go much further than a being a simple news item elucidating the most significant elements of a situation or an occurrence or anything else.

Sectoral Analysis: this section provides a review and assessment of the current condition and the future prospects of different sectors of the economy. It helps in providing an opening to business communities in commerce and investment, emphasizes technology and education, hence enhancing development and growth.