Ghanaian recipes cookbook launched

February 8, 2016
Source: thebftonline | Ghana
Ghanaian recipes cookbook launched

In Ghana, our parents have never depended on cookbooks but have prepared some of the best dishes we have always enjoyed and still do.

On a daily basis, children, young and old, look forward to going home and enjoying what the kitchen has to offer before anything else. That’s just the Ghanaian way of living and we love it to bits.

But modernity and contemporary times call for new measures to stay abreast. Thus, in today’s world, cooking some of the all-time great Ghanaian dishes, many chefs tend to rely on cookbooks.

Thus, a 248-page cookbook, aptly titled ‘Ghana Cookbook’ authored by Fran Osseo-Asare and Barbara Baëta comes with an in-depth and remarkable collection of authentic Ghanaian recipes and their procedures for preparation.

And with the experience of the two authors, it can be argued that this book will serve not just chefs but cooks at home as well.

In over 140 recipes, the authors highlight the flavor principles, seasoning techniques, and basic stocks, with chapters allocated to snacks, soups and stews, beverages, among others.

The book which is published by Hippocrene Books in New York, and first released in November, 2015 has seen international recognition as Gourmand International, in December 2015, adjudged it as the Gourmand World Cookbook award winner for Ghana, and subsequently entered in the Gourmand Best in the World competition for "Best African Cuisine published outside of Africa," with winners yet to be announced this month.

In an interview with the B&FT, the authors recounted what they encountered after many years of writing the book. They said after over a decade of putting everything together, the main challenge was getting a publisher to publish the book.

“Both of us like to cook, and wanted to share our ideas with other people, and that is why we wrote the book. But our major challenge while doing this was finding publishers, it was a difficult one.”

Their expectation is that many people will learn how to cook; not just the everyday cooking at home, but present it much more interestingly to other people in other countries.

“I have had the privilege of doing banquets outside the country and I know how very well our foods have been received,” Ms. Baëta added.

The book is also expected to boost the country’s tourism industry by providing the right information about a particular food and give the right procedure and necessary ingredients for preparing foods without difficulty.

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare expressed her delight at the launch of the book, and congratulated the authors on contributing positively to the country’s economy and the tourism industry.

“I am delighted by the progress made and the commitment of Ghanaians these days towards the promotion of good and nutritious foods for tourists and the indigenes, as tourism, culture and creative arts has a positive impact on the country’s economy.”

Mrs. Ofosu-Adjare also urged all to patronize Ghanaian dishes, clothing and anything made-in-Ghana to learn about other cultures to enhance peaceful coexistence among the citizenry.

Fran Osseo-Asare, is an internationally recognized expert on sub-Saharan African cuisine and Ghanaian cuisine in particular. She is author of several books on African cooking and culture including A Good Soup Attracts Chairs (Pelican Publishing, 1993, 2001).

Co-author, Barbara Baëta, is owner and founder of Flair Catering Services Limited, a renowned catering agency and cooking school in Ghana. In 2009, her company catered a meal (breakfast for 600) served to President Obama during his state visit to Ghana.