Italian Ambassador meets Young Diplomats of Ghana

April 10, 2017
Source: Lilipearl Baaba Otoo | thebftonline | Ghana
Italian Ambassador meets Young Diplomats of Ghana

Members of the Young Diplomats of Ghana (YDG) last week had the opportunity to meet and interact with the Italian Ambassador, Giovanni Favilli at the British Council in Accra. The meeting focused on the major tenets of Diplomacy and International Relations as well as the fundamentals of the Italy - Ghana Relations, among others.

 The interaction and meeting with Ambassador Favilli was part of the quarterly meetings for Members of the YDG to build their knowledge in diplomacy and policy advocacy.

Ambassador Favilli disclosed that Italy is in the drive of supporting Ghana especially in the area of agriculture. There has thus been several collaborative initiatives with Ghana to renovate a tomato factory in Kualugu in the Upper East region of Ghana.

In his words, “Italy makes machinery to process tomatoes and we are working with the government of Ghana to find investors to rehabilitate the machinery, bring Italian agronomist who can provide advice on what the best seeds are, and provide some finance for growers to buy the best seeds and then sell their products to the factory. This initiative would also help reduce unemployment and create wealth in the country”

Touching on challenges associated with the work of a diplomat, the ambassador mentioned that he transforms every challenge to become an opportunity. His number one challenge however, has to do with transporting his family from one country to the other from time to time. He was quick to add that, it has exposed his children to meet different kinds of cultures and to meet different people which would make it easy for them to understand and appreciate people more.

In responding to question on education in Italy, Ambassador Favilli mentioned that Italy has a very sound and effective educational system making Italy a good stop for foreign students. He added that education in Italy is very affordable as compared to that in other countries with foreign students eligible for grants to study in Italy. He encouraged the YDG members to consider exploring options of higher education in Italy.

Ambassador Favilli advised the young diplomats to create a good network with people, make themselves known and create their own brands. He added that: “You will get to know more of your country when you start representing it.”  

The ‘Young Diplomats of Ghana’ (YDG), is a non-governmental, non-profit network that seeks to advance the development of a new generation of leaders and diplomats in Ghana. It was launched in October 2016 as a result of a CSR response to several calls by major stakeholders in Ghana’s diplomatic and international affairs on Diplomatic Call to extend its scope of operation by engaging and educating young people on the major essence of modern day diplomacy.