Ashanti, B/A AGI chair re-elected for a second time

October 3, 2017
Source: thebftonline l Ghana
Ashanti, B/A AGI chair re-elected for a second time

Members of the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo branch of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) have overwhelmingly endorsed the incumbent chairperson, Mrs. Gyamfua Owusu Akyaw, for a second two-year term to steer the Association’s affairs.

At the 18th Annual Regional General Meeting (RAGM) held in Kumasi, which also coincided with the regional elections of AGI executives held every two years, the chairperson received a resounding endorsement after contesting the elections unopposed.

However, all other positions - including the vice-chair, Treasurer and executive member positions - were initially keenly contested, with some surprise late withdrawals which led to some contestants going unopposed.

But in the case of the Regional chairperson, some of the AGI members noted that the ‘no contest’ for her was as a result of her transformational leadership, which has made a huge impact on the operations of the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo branch of the AGI over the last two years.

For instance, among her numerous achievements it was listed that she had been able to secure land for the construction of a permanent office for the AGI Ashanti and B/A, while also significantly increasing the membership of the Association.

She is also credited with setting up a functional office with an administrator for Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region, as well as holding a regional quarterly meeting in B/A…all for the first time in the history of the Association.

The regional branch of the AGI, also for the first time, witnessed a National Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the AGI being held in the Ashanti Region, and also the successful organizing of many self-sustaining programmes.

As a result of her approach to running the Association, one of the members stated that many companies now eagerly support and sponsor almost all programmes planned by the Association.

These, among others, are said to have made the Association very attractive.   

In her opening address at the ceremony, Mrs. Owusu Akyaw urged members of the AGI to endeavour to take advantage of the government’s flagship industrialisation agenda, the ‘One district, one factory’ initiative.

She said: “I believe this project was designed specifically for us the industrial players; to give us support and to motivate us to enhance our performance; to enable us leverage on the competitiveness of our businesses on the global market, thus our theme for this meeting.”

She noted that the AGI has embraced the idea of the ‘One district, one factory’ policy, and is ready and determined to cooperate with government to roll out the project successfully to the country’s benefit.

At the end of the elections, the Chief Executive of Vestor Oil Mills Ltd. - Mr. Kwasi Nyamekye - was elected as the new vice-chair; Mr. Godwin Ameko Senyo was also re-elected, as Treasurer.

The others are CEO of Taabea Co. Ltd., Mr. Christian Agyemang, who was reelected as an executive member; and the CEO of Uni-Jay Limited, Mrs. Janet Abobigu who was elected as a new executive member.