Aviation hub status within reach

August 29, 2017
Source: thebftonline.com l Ghana
Aviation hub status within reach

Several airlines, we are told, have inundated the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) with requests to operate flights to and from Accra, especially as there are infrastructure up-grades at the country’s international airport, Kotoka Airport.

Slowly, but surely, we are reinforcing our status as the gateway to Africa and stamping our presence in ECOWAS as the most favoured destination. With flights coming in from every corner of the globe, Accra is now on the schedules of most of the major airlines and air routes, increasingly exposing our capital as an aviation hub.

Should all the pending requests to the GCAA be approved, Accra will be seeing as many as 32 airlines flying in and out. A new terminal, terminal 3, is designed to process around five million passengers annually. Besides, regional airports of Tamale and Kumasi are also seeing expansion works to accommodate more passengers and bigger airplanes.

Air travel does not only connect people but connects economies to further develop the global economy. Economic development is often linked with infrastructure development, which means that airports are expected to further the development of economies of the surrounding regions.

Additionally, airports are a major part of a country’s infrastructure and foster economic activities by encouraging international commerce and tourism. Airports are also important employers and are a catalyst to skills development in their own right.  

Therefore, the serious investments in on-ground infrastructure at the country’s airports can be seen as an enabler of economic growth and employment generation, and this makes it all the more exciting that the country’s aviation industry is picking up from a period of decline.

Hopefully, the positive developments in the sector will bring us closer to realising our objective of having a national carrier again, to carry aloft our flag, and rival other regional greats.

Rwanda, which came out of a genocide quite not too long ago, operates her own national airline which also plies the Accra route. Let us restore our national pride by operating our own airline. We are eagerly awaiting the day our national airline will be out doored to reflect the growing commercial importance of Accra  as a preferred destination in Africa.