The mess at NSS must end!

July 26, 2017
Source: l Ghana
The mess at NSS must end!

This year, a total of 91,871 graduates from various tertiary institutions have registered with the National Service Scheme (NSS) to undertake the mandatory one-year national duty.

For the over 90,000 young Ghanaians who have completed their studies, the transition to the world of work begins with visiting NSS regional secretariats and other centres to complete the manual registration process, but it is at this stage that their rather energetic spirit to serve their nation is quenched. 

Every year, registration of service personnel is fraught with commotion as personnel struggle to go through the process at NSS centres, especially in the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions where the majority of personnel are posted to.

Apart from leaving their homes at dawn to form queues, they are subjected to inhumane treatment, including having to stand throughout the process, coupled with unprofessional behaviour of those who are supposed to serve them. The registration venues have also become avenues for favouritism.

Last Monday’s episode is the latest in the series of abuses at registration centres as a number of service persons sustained various degrees of injuries in the course of completing the process in Accra.

Why should the future leaders of this country be subjected to this cruel treatment in this day and age? Why not give personnel numbers and specific dates to visit the centres to complete the process?

How can we pride ourselves as a forward looking country yet year-on-year, we keep repeating the same mistakes.

We therefore find the comments by Mustapha Yusif, Executive Director for the NSS as unfortunate. These service personnel are Ghanaians first and foremost and do not deserve this sort treatment.

“All service personnel should go to their respective centres and should also follow the rules and regulations governing the process, they should not try to circumvent it.

People will sit at home while their colleagues come to stand here the whole day and when they come they want to register and go. It is going to be solely on first come first served bases,” he said during tour to the Accra registration centre on Monday.

Why should they stand the whole day to complete something that could be done in less than five minutes with properly thought-through arrangements and technology?

First of all this paper believes technology must be used to avoid this problematic queues. Even if the NSS can’t find a way around this problem using technology, the NSS needs to streamline this process.

This paper is of the view that the NSS needs to establish registration centers in all the universities which will make it possible to allow the personnel to register in the institutions they left.

Regarding the people to man the registration centers, the NSS can make use of the outgoing service personnel who abound in these universities or better still call on personnel who are virtually redundant by nature of their service. This would cost the NSS less and save the country the embarrassment that scars the spirits of this young generation.

If it must be done, then it must be done well.

Those in charge of NSS must sit up.

Payment of water bills made easier

Should everything go according to plan, consumers will no longer have to go through stress and long queues to pay their waters bills.

This is because the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has decided to go paperless by leveraging mobile money technology to make the payment of water bills more convenient and attractive.

By August 1 this year, institutions, corporate organisations and households will be able to pay their water bills via mobile money, Visa and/or other electronic platforms.

This is a very welcome news.

Like a distribution engineer of the company, Maxwell Akosah-Kusi, rightly indicated, this innovation will save cost to the consumer and make it more convenient for him/her to pay bills on time.

“We hear people have the money, they want to pay but the time to go and queue up is a problem, we want to provide all these channels so they can pay,” he said.

Given that most of the challenges facing the company are directly linked to financial constraints, we believe that the introduction of such innovation will help them recoup more revenue from sold water to finance huge expansion projects.