USAID encourages quality education for all

November 20, 2016
USAID encourages quality education for all

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Ghana Mission Director, Andrew Karas, has  visited the Ishadia kindergarten and primary school in the  Northern Region during a five-day trip .

During his visit, Karas handed over equipment including hearing aids, wheel chairs, and Braille materials to Ishadia school staff.  The school is one of a number of sites where USAID works in partnership with UNICEF to support inclusive education in Ghana. The aim is to enhance the educational quality outcomes for disadvantaged populations, as well as encourage the inclusion of school children with disabilities in Ghana’s education development.

Leveraging inclusive education is part of USAID’s goal of promoting quality education in the early grades of kindergarten and primary school. To achieve this goal, teachers at the Ishadia School are trained to identify and care for children with disabilities in their classrooms. Additionally, teachers receive training in curriculum development and techniques for introducing mother-tongue instruction to strengthen literacy in English and other Ghanaian languages.

“USAID is committed to working with the Government of Ghana and its partners to ensure the investment of inclusive education and improve the learning outcomes of all children,” remarked Mr. Karas.

The goal of USAID/Ghana’s education program is to ensure that children are given the foundational skills to read with understanding in the early grades of primary school. USAID’s activities in Ghana improve the quality of reading instruction, strengthen the management of educational institutions, improve accountability and transparency between parents, schools and local government, and help communities contribute to student and teacher performance.