Let’s vaccinate against Hepatitis B – CDH Group CEO

October 5, 2016
Source: thebftonline | Ghana
Let’s vaccinate against Hepatitis B – CDH Group CEO

Emmanuel Adu-Sarkodee, Group CEO for CDH Financial Holdings Limited, has entreated all Ghanaians to take the test and vaccination for Hepatitis B very serious.

He explained that the disease is ravaging the lives of people in the country and Africa in general, therefore there is the urgent need for everyone to be wary of contracting the deadly disease.

The CDH boss made the call when addressing about 400 members of the CDH Group at the maiden CDH Olympiad held at the Lizzy Sports Complex in Accra.

“Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and HIV can be transmitted in similar ways, but hepatitis B is more infectious. Just like AIDS, a patient may live with it for ages, suffering its chronic pains,” the CDH boss noted.

He said treatment of Hepatitis B is very expensive, thus, making some patients live with it in despair, adding that treatment is not even 100 percent guaranteed.

“Such a disease has long-term, nation crippling agenda. We need to curtail it before it becomes a health crisis we cannot handle, as a country.The good news is that Hepatitis B is preventive. If you have not tested for Hepatitis B, please do so before you’re taken by surprise,” Mr. Adu-Sarkodee said.

“Ghana wants you in full strength to work, take care of your family and contribute to nation building. Let’s put our hands on deck, and help alleviate this disease,” the CDH boss urged.

Nearly two billion people across the world are estimated to be infected with Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) with nearly a quarter of this having chronic infection. Each year, over half a million HBV-related deaths are recorded across the globe.

Studies have shown that the disease is highly endemic in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and East Asia, where between 5 and 10percent of the adult population are deemed to be chronically infected.

Emmanuel Adu-Sarkodee