Cissy that walk!

September 10, 2017
Source: Dr Dzifa Dey l l Ghana
Cissy that walk!

...By Cassy ARDANSSAC (guest writer)


This week, I share this write up by one of our support group members Cassy, bringing you something from the patients’ perspective. We talk about finding the right shoes for your painful feet.

Ladies, let’s talk shoes. My mother always told me that a woman fights her battles best when she is looking good. You can trick your mind into feeling better just by what you see. I noticed that looking good always acts as the perfect tiramisu (Google is your friend).

Nothing acts as the perfect tiramisu like a comfortable pair of sexy shoes. Sounds like I just said the impossible, right? Wrong! Comfort and style have come together to give birth to the right shoes and they are Platforms, Pumps, Wedges, Sneakers, Flat Sandals and Loafers. One of the best things about growing up in this generation is that you can actually get sexy shoes in these styles at very affordable prices!

Now, there are there are do’s and dont’s to have in mind when shoe shopping. You do not want to end up like me with pairs of shapes I can’t wear and only use as eye candy.

Think of:

Padded Insoles: These are shoes that have the insides padded and are oh so comfy! You need to touch the interior to feel the cushiony softness. Shoes like this are always comfortable as they have high arches that help the feet grip well. Also, if you have feet like mine that get inflamed 30 minutes after being in the sun; this is your best shoe friend.

To Heel or Not to Heel: Try to stay away from totally flat soles. People wonder how I can wear my wedges when I use a walking stick. The simple truth is, when I have a flare, I cant wear flat shoes. My wedges are more comfortable, light and with much more support than flats. Try to look for shoes and sandals with a bit of a wedge heel. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable they are.

Foot The Outfit: Unless you have great legs, never pair loafers with a short skirt. Never! If you can’t walk in heels, put aside that gorgeous floor length dress that is begging for heels, and wear that classy mid length gown that will go with your 2-inch salsa shoes. Always ensure the shoes fit the ensemble.

Functional Feet: If you are the church usher for the next Sunday service, get shoes that you can walk in without sacrificing style. Looking good is pain but for chronic disorder sufferers like us, you never ever put yourself through that pain. It’s never worth it. So, think about what you intend to be doing, then choose the right merge of style and comfort.

Say No To Spiky Heels: A lot of women today won’t be caught dead in wedges and platforms but that is because they don’t know how sexy wedges and platforms can be. Not only are they stylish yet youthful, they also give you the right kind of support you need. If you’re slim or skinny, they make you look sharp yet feminine. If you are big and luscious, they slim down your entire frame and still give you enough support so you don’t have to titter-totter (see those girls that shake and tremble on heels? That’s the titter-totter walk).

Straps and Hooks: Have as many slip-ons as possible. Straps and buckles or hooks can be very stressful for us and there enough slip-on styles out there that remove the need to stress yourself. Remember, for you to look like you woke up looking this good, you have to find the right balance between fashion and comfort. 

If you have tiny ankles, stay away from t-strap or anything that encircles your ankle. If you have wide feet, the t-strap look will slim your feet. If your feet are long and slender (like mine), then the peep toe is your best friend. If you must have straps and buckles, then make sure that they are large enough so that on sausage finger days, you can still put them on.

Above all the above, know thine self! You need to know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Be brutally frank with yourself as you screen your good and bad points.

DIY Tip: If you have a pair of shoes that you really love but are closed in front which squeeze your long toes, simply use a sharp knife or razor to cut off the front, converting it to peep toes! A 10 minute visit to your local shoemaker will put on a polish that hides the cut-away.

Let your feet do the talking for you as you experiment with all the great colors and styles that are available now! Don’t be shy!!

Do you have any ideas about choosing shoes that could help? Please put it in the comments below. Until next time ladies, in the words of a fashionista. Cissy That Walk!

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