Lessons I wish I knew before graduating from the university

August 6, 2017
Source: Gloria Esi Mensah l thebftonline.com l Ghana
Lessons I wish I knew before graduating from the university

It’s that memorable time of the year again where most universities will be churning out students. The joy on the faces of graduates is so noticeable. In fact, in school we are told there was more rest after graduation.

But is that really the case? I think there is actually more work to be done after school, both professionally and personally, because no matter how much academic life stressed you, the issues of life will do that even more.

I always thought of completing the university as early as possible just to skip the to- and- fro movement and the headache one has to go through to attend daily lectures, not to talk of several books and handouts one has to read to pass an exam.

In my dream world, life after school could be just sleep, eat, watch telenovelas and movies without stressing myself but I graduated from the university only to realize there are more to it than just that.

Then I cast my mind back and tried to recall some things students engage in on campus that could be either avoided or reduced to enable them prepare adequately for life after school.

Campus relationships

Dating on campus was really a thing people would do anything for. Some would not even care if their grades gamboled or quivered just to have a girlfriend or boyfriend on campus. Some supposed couples will be busily gallivanting with their partners in the name of ‘having fun’.  I used to follow friends to go partying with their partners, clubbing here and there but pretend to that ‘chrife’ when school vacates and I go home.

I used to observe some young ladies busily engaged in wife duties when their supposed spouses were studying or doing something valuable with their lives. I wish students paid more attention to their books than playing the role of a ‘premature wife’ to another student who has no idea of what dowry or bride price even is. Time spent in washing his clothes could have been used in learning how to sew or read two lines of a book.

Sleep over volunteerism

Vacation was one of the periods I enjoyed most, especially when I used to lay on my king-sized bed doing nothing but sleep till mummy tells me to go and eat breakfast.

I wish I had used that period doing more voluntary works other than just staying home idle sleeping, watching telenovelas and television series. I wish I had spent more time gaining experience by rendering service to companies even if I don’t get paid, than doling out all my time following trends and arguments on social media.


An educated mind is an investment and as a woman, I wish I had invested more into my skills than my skin. ‘One night’ offers are things some ladies cannot let go just because of what they stand to get. I wish I had ignored all the pleasures of beauty and concentrated on the little I had. My friends always gave me the go ahead to try new things because, it boosts ones pride.

And for the guys, the first time you sniffed marijuana, you came out from the room and saw how the world had been turned outside down with everything in it looking awkward. You tried the second time and everything moved back to its shape.

Then you thought you were hanging out with the best of friends only to realize they were causing havoc to your life. Then you would wish you had used those times studying, attending choir meetings or joining friends in fellowship.


I was mostly attracted by the designs and authors of books but I never read them, I just hide it under my pillow with hopes of reading it the next day, the next day comes and it becomes history, I wish I had read more books and not just their titles or covers, I wish I had read more newspapers and not just their headlines.

Mind power

I spent most of my time wondering when and how to shape my body, I took numerous drugs and applied countless medicines just to reach a targeted shape,  I wish I had developed my mind power not just my manpower. I wish I had invested more into my mind than into my body shape. I wish someone had hinted me than my mind power always ruled over my manpower.


I used to see most of my colleagues getting busy working out their passion, as lame as I was, I sat there with arms folded watching their moves. I never knew what my passion was, neither did I know how to pursue it and I cared less because, I saw everything to be a waste of time and too much work to do.

“Why not have fun, there’s more time” I always said to myself. I always thought four years was thousand years away, I graduated only to realize it was just a stone throw. All those years, I wish I found my passion and pursued it with all my heart. I wish I had not given excuses as to why I could not chase some of my dreams; I thought following a dream was all about attending the best schools in the country and getting a certificate. 


I never developed any social or cordial relationship with my roomies or people. I felt too bossy and proud to approach people, my opinion was for them to fall at my feet and beg for my friendship, it wasn’t so, in the eyes of people.

I would always fight and argue with people especially my roomies over material things, I remember fighting with a roomy on a red letter day over a make-up box, playfully, she hid it under my bed, but I misunderstood and fought with her and decided not to talk to her again.

Today, she is working with one of the best companies worldwide, surprisingly, I keep meeting most of my roomies whom I looked down on, living in comfort, I never listened to their advice but only lay down harsh words when they tried to help me out.

I wish I knew that my roommates then were going to be the ‘big shots’ of today. I shouldn’t have quarreled with them over gari and we shouldn’t have been at loggerheads because of fante- kenkey, for instance. I could have treated them better indeed! If I knew the future of others would be better after school.

Life exam

Life was fun on my side, but I never knew I was actually failing in life’s exams. I thought I had it all, I thought I knew it all, I thought I did it all, but I never knew I was actually lacking something.  I wish I knew that everything that was taught in the lecture hall was meant to be applied in real life. I should have paid as much attention to passing school exams to passing life’s exam.