Hawkers in ‘hide and seek’ with AMA at Circle

June 15, 2017
Source: Hannah Bonful and Sandra Amevor/thebftonline.com/Ghana
Hawkers in ‘hide and seek’ with AMA at Circle

Hawkers who were recently driven off the pedestrian walk ways at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle are playing a fast one on the AMA, as they go into hiding when the task force is around, but emerge to resume trading when the task force leaves.

In May, this year, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), in a move to decongest the city, took steps to demolish makeshift structures and drive away all hawkers who ply their trade around the Kwame Nkrumah interchange.

A task force was subsequently set up to ensure that the traders do not return to their various squatting joints to sell.

However, a visit to the busy roundabout by the B&FT revealed that the hawkers return to selling on the streets when task force officials are not at post, especially from the late evenings, around 6pm, through to late night, as well as in the early mornings.

It was further observed that some of the hawkers even try to sell on the pedestrian walk way when the officials move away shortly from one area to attend to a situation in another area in the circle vicinity.   

Another tactic the hawkers have employed to get back on to the pavements is to carry their wares on their heads rather than set them up on a table or on the floor.

A police constable, who wants to remain unnamed, said some of the hawkers try to tussle with the AMA task force when they are instructed to leave the pavements.

One of the hawkers said their profit margins have decreased significantly ever since they were evacuated from their respective selling joints, hence, their reluctance to leave the area.

The AMA, however, has maintained that it will not relent in its efforts to enforce its bye-laws, irrespective of the intransigence of the hawkers.