e-commerce: Stop the noise and engage customers with timely content instead!

Content is the driver behind lead generation, retail management, and even customer relationships...Jeanniey Mullen There is no doubt that digital marketing has received a lot of attention, especially from the beginning of 2012. There has been a proliferation of smarter mobile devices, ... — Read More

Sense of Interpretations

“The mind is like palm oil, when it lies still we heat it up.” – Akan proverb When our conventional explanation for concepts and events are put under scrutiny, there are very few of them that would withstand the test of ... — Read More

Tulip Mirror Ball goes Ebony & Ivory on Friday

This Friday Ghana’s favourite premium entertainment platform, the Tulip Mirror Ball, is back with the theme “Ebony & Ivory” which is an all-time classic whereby guests come in their choice of a black or white outfit, or a combination of the ... — Read More

Re-invigorating your brand

Whatever sector your brand operates in, keeping your communications fresh is very essential. Using designers to help re-assess your designs, language or identity every few years should be seen as an on-going investment in your company rather than a costly, wasteful ... — Read More

Workplace Back-to-Back

Workplace Security, Nocturnal Toll Booth Operations and the Phenomenon of Night Work in Ghana A lot of issues concern us as Human Resource practitioners. HR practitioners have been identified as one of the most observant professionals due to the work they ... — Read More

Managing Business Crisis

Crises come in all shapes and sizes: from national crises that impact all types of organisations to industry-specific crises. Whatever the type, the way in which you manage a crisis can have a long-lasting effect on your business. Even the best ... — Read More

Cause for corporate restructuring

Corporate restructuring is the process of redesigning one or more aspects of a company. It can cover a whole range of activities; from cost-cutting and streamlining, re-branding, financial restructuring to the worst-case scenario of winding down a business. The process of reorganising ... — Read More

Entrepreneur Self-Management

A guide to success It is felt that entrepreneurs require a high level of creativity and innovation as well as of management skills and business know-how. They are the individuals that are constantly pursuing new business ventures based on opportunity and/or necessity, ... — Read More

Sustaining business success

A young company works and works on its first (or next great) product. When the product is finally finished, they share it with the world andthe world loves it. Everyonestarts to talk creates“Buzz” about the young companyand then everyone moves on. ... — Read More

How companies can sustain innovation

 Innovation is widely regarded as the single most important ingredient in today’s economy. But innovation as a destination isn’t enough. Sustained innovation is a high-productivity state in which an organization strives to innovate in all aspects of its business, including management, ... — Read More

Why You Should be Interested in Your Competitors

 Competition in business is "the effort of two or more parties acting independently to secure the business of a third party by offering the most favorable terms". Merriam-Webster A clear understanding of your competition is key to the success of any business. ... — Read More

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