HIGH INTEREST RATES: Are the banks alone to blame?

The month of March has just passed with the banks publishing their prior year financials according to law and convention. As would be expected, a section of stakeholders would commend the banks for their sterling financial performance in spite of the ... — Read More

Strike actions and salary payments

I have received quite a number of calls from all facets of the stakeholder frontier about the currently raging public sector industrial actions some of which have gone beyond three months now. Some have vehemently argued that while workers are on ... — Read More

How to find your next big idea

With the high level of unemployment and increasingly lack of job security, many individuals are choosing to pursue the entrepreneurial route as their source of income generation. Starting a business, though challenging in the beginning has great long term rewards. One of ... — Read More

Nunana Vanessa Awoonor riding high

She is just 23 years old but Nunana Vanessa Awoonor is currently riding high on both the corporate and academic ladder. With a highly successful modelling career and the establishment of a marketing management company here in Ghana, Nunana is currently pursuing ... — Read More

The sexual shenanigans of Ghanaians

 How do the various combinations - ‘one man, a mistress and at least one girlfriend’; ‘one woman, a steady partner, and several transient lovers’; ‘older man, a wife and his student girlfriend’ – co-exist with Christian values in the world’s most ... — Read More

The New VAT Act

The controversial Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill that was approved by Parliament on 15 November 2013, despite a walkout by minority members, received Presidential assent on 30 December 2013 and was gazetted on 31 December 2013. As a result, the Value ... — Read More

Sense of Interpretations

“The mind is like palm oil, when it lies still we heat it up.” – Akan proverb When our conventional explanation for concepts and events are put under scrutiny, there are very few of them that would withstand the test of ... — Read More

Tulip Mirror Ball goes Ebony & Ivory on Friday

This Friday Ghana’s favourite premium entertainment platform, the Tulip Mirror Ball, is back with the theme “Ebony & Ivory” which is an all-time classic whereby guests come in their choice of a black or white outfit, or a combination of the ... — Read More

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