The Trust Specialist Hospital launches 5th anniversary celebrations

September 9, 2017
Source: Lilipearl Baaba Otoo l
The Trust Specialist Hospital launches 5th anniversary celebrations


The Trust Specialist Hospital, a subsidiary of the Trust Hospital, has launched its 5th anniversary celebrations.

Speaking at the launch of the celebration, General Manager of the Hospital, Darius Kofi Osei stated that due to their outstanding provision of quality healthcare, the general public has built immense confidence in them.

He backed his statement with records of annual increases in patient attendance between 2013 and 2016. “It is important to note that in our first full year, that is, 2013, we recorded 25,093, patients. 2014 had 28,688, 2015 and 2016 recorded 31,939 and 39,372 patients respectively. This brings in a total of 125,092 patients. This shows that there is a steady increase in client’s confidence in us,” he said.

“We are happy to see what was only a dream has been translated from paper through construction, starting of operation and today we are here celebrating the five years of our shared vision.”

Activities to commemorate the anniversary of the Trust Specialist Hospital began with the unveiling of the anniversary plaque. There will be a free health screening on the 12th September 2017, at the Pension House Clinic located near the SSNIT Pension House, Ministries-Accra.

On 23rd September, there will be a health walk and free health screening at the premises of the Trust Specialist Hospital in Osu – Kuku Hill, as part of promoting a healthy life style.

The Trust Hospital, formerly known as SSNIT hospital, was established to serve just SSNIT staff and their dependents. However, because of the facilities and quality of care, other organisations and individuals were interested in patronising the clinic; subsequently it was opened to the general public.

On 5th September, 2012, the Trust Specialist Hospital was established to focus solely on specific health conditions. These are ENT, Dental, Ophthalmology, Surgical Theatre, Physiotherapy, A Male and Female recovery ward, Clinical Psychology, Pharmacy, Well Laboratory; including a DNA lab, and Dietetic Clinic.

There are also visiting specialist and consultants for Urology, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics and Dermatology.

According to the General Manager, another reason for the specialist hospital was to ease the traffic at the main Trust Hospital.

“We thought of a place we can have for ambulation care, and also to have an allied theatre, where specialist and consultants from the teaching hospitals can operate on our clients, without them having to visit the main hospital.  This was very crucial to us in the planning stage; SSNIT, had already acquired this property so it was ideal for our plan,” he added.

Also present was the Board Chairman Dr. Addo-Yobo, who took time to commend the General Manager and staff of the hospital for their contributions and efforts to make the Trust Hospital the preferred choice for accessing health care by the general public.

“I can say with certainty from my own enquiry and observations and from survey findings of reputable research institutions in Ghana that when it comes to individual’s preference for accessing health care in private facilities, the Trust Specialist Hospital stands tall, towering above all its competitors.”

He was, however, quick to caution them to maintain the high standards and not be swayed by the commendations they receive. “You are expected to improve on your performance all the time. You should not let these commendations swell up your heads so that you take things lightly.”