World-class stellar customer service training held

September 4, 2017
Source: l Ghana
World-class stellar customer service training held

Learning Organisation in collaboration with Miller Heiman Group held the Achieve Global’s world-class Stellar Customer Service Training for organisations from both the public and private sectors.

The programme is designed to help participants develop the mindset and skills of stellar service providers by identifying and applying behaviours that build strong customer relationships.

Participants were exposed to how to build customer loyalty by creating positive defining moments using seamless, trustworthy, attentive and resourceful qualities in the human, business and hidden dimensions.

The training included a mix of presentations, video segments, simulation exercise, case studies and practical job-related exercises.

Stellar Customer Service is a comprehensive training system designed to provide a range of critical service skills vital to customer satisfaction and loyalty to organisational success.

The Stellar Customer Service Modular design allows participants to learn a range of skills – Foundational, Situational, Supportive, Organisational and Strategic – in the most effective and efficient way possible. The programmes in the system build on one another to offer training solutions at every level, thus aligning Service Strategies with service behaviours throughout an organisation.


The programme participants confirmed that the training exceeded their expectations, was very interactive and relevant, and will enable them deliver Stellar Customer Service at their organisations.

Discussions revolved around dimensions of customer service, reaching for stellar service, the benefits of customer loyalty, fascinating facts about customer service and creating positive defining moments. Challenges for providing customer care, skills for demonstrating interest and concern and obstacles to using caring skills.

By delivering Stellar Service, organisations build customer loyalty and its associated feelings of trust and confidence. When Customers are loyal; they provide a solid base for success by their consistent engagement with your organisation, they encourage others to choose your organisation over competition, they speak well of your organisation and they increase both overall revenue and the recognition that comes with success.

The training was an opportunity for organisations to discuss concerns and challenges they face from customers and the way forward. Participants welcomed the opportunity to exchange views on action planning among themselves.