Datatics to lead Africa’s big data drive

September 4, 2017
Source: B&FT Online | Ghana
Datatics to lead Africa’s big data drive

The rapidly shifting technology environment offers businesses very little wriggle room for error in the 21st century. The survival of a business anywhere in the world, is often down to minute strategic decisions about which technologies to adopt or neglect.

Gaining unique insight into the changing preferences of customers, understanding purchasing decisions of various demographics, matching location data with client preferences, and more of such details have become the major factor separating successful international corporations from the failing ones.

Aligning the company’s management and organizational structure with these new demands is often the major bottleneck for most business in Africa and Ghana for that matter.

This where

Datatics comes in.

For two years, the startup whose major focus is to offer businesses with agile, adaptive and intuitive big data solutions has provided advanced data analytics and data logistics services to companies in North America, South America and Europe. Datatics has managed to transform the operations of companies in these region by effectively serving their data needs and increasing their profit margins.

The impassioned and youthful CEO of the technology company points out that with the giant strides made globally in the use of big data, businesses in Africa, and specifically Ghana, will have a competitive advantage if they adopt his company’s tested and proven solutions.

“We have the virtualisation and cloud computing technology, plus the capacity to help businesses in Africa study, analyse, predict, and in many ways, guide the usage patterns among their customers. We are creating transformative ways in which businesses can stay relevant to their customers.”

A cursory overview of the company’s offering on its website,, indicates it provides cost-effective, customized and advanced analytics that organizations can understand and use.

He continued, “We all share a common life purpose which is to have a positive impact on the lives of others. This company is set up for a vision bigger than itself. There are thousands of Ghanaian youth who wake up with dreams of taking their innovations to the world and we are doing it in a big way.  We set up Datatics to empower the youth of Ghana to tackle the world’s problems.

“With our Ghana office set to open soon, Datatics will train, empower, employ and deploy tens of Ghanaian youth to inject the much needed change the nation’s economy dearly needs. “

According to the CEO, with the boundless opportunities that exist for African businesses, “new technology, if deployed intelligently, can help organisations make incredible strides in productivity and redefine competition within whole sectors and markets. Our main goal is to become a global big data analytics solution company that provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective platform that transforms data into sustainable ROI for companies irrespective of their location.”