Businesses must adopt effective communication and public relations- Cynthia Lumor

September 4, 2017
Source: Edward Adjei Frimpong l l Ghana
Businesses must adopt effective communication and public relations- Cynthia Lumor

The Corporate Services Executive of MTN Ghana, Cynthia Lumor, has urged aspiring Executives and CEOs to see corporate communications and public relations as integral parts of a business,

According to her, they contribute positively to business success and sustainability by building internal and external goodwill for sustained competitive and business advantage.

Sharing insights during the breakout session of the 2017 Festival of Ideas organized by Legacy and Legacy in Accra, Mrs. Lumor stated that corporate communications and public relations should be part of a well-planned, well executed, cohesive integrated communications strategy seeking to link organizations with identified stakeholders.  

“The decision by customers to patronize a company’s products and services, as well as investment, regulatory and policy decisions are hugely influenced by credibility and trust, which are built over time and influenced by stakeholder experience with a company’s actions and communications,” she said. She emphasized the need to develop an effective, well-thought out plan that fits within the goals of the organisation, with clear timelines and monitoring, metrics for measurement, and the flexibility for adjustment where necessary.

“Knowing your business, understanding the company’s vision, goals and strategy, as well as the broader industry and the needs and expectations of stakeholders is extremely important; that knowledge will drive the relevance and effectiveness of your communications and PR strategy,” Mrs. Lumor stated.

She advised communications practitioners to be proactive in the anticipation and identification of issues, to better implement mitigation plans before they turn into crises. Reiterating the importance of crisis management planning, she stated that a good crisis management plan includes comprehensive analyses and plans for possible and potential crises. “Treat it as a living document that needs to be examined frequently. Additionally, when there is a crisis elsewhere – in another company, another industry, another country, another region – consider if it could happen with your company and if you have an effective plan in place,” she said.

In the area of employee communications, Mrs Lumor said employees are every company’s best ambassadors, thus it is important to engage them effectively and frequently. “They must understand the company’s vision, goals and strategy and the part they play in achieving them. Factor them in the rollout plan of all your communications activities and the results will be phenomenal.”