Adbay launches online shopping

July 13, 2017
Source: thebftonline l Ghana
Adbay launches online shopping


Online shopping is becoming a powerful force in Africa’s business and the world at large. The number of people who visit online markets keeps growing day by day.

Thanks to the internet, it has become very easy to buy and sell anything anytime with just a click. Online shopping comes with a lot of advantages, apart from the convenience it gives to customers, prices of goods are relatively cheaper than those you find on the traditional market.

Customers can easily place orders from a wide range of products and have them delivered at their doorstep in no time. This saves a lot of time especially for the busy people out there. This is why shopping online has become a better alternative for many people in the world.

Although there are many online markets on the internet, the issue about which to choose and trust is an everyday question on the minds of customers. Many instances where customers have been victims to fraud and fake sites have been recorded and calls for potential customers to be on the alert. That is why is the right place to buy and sell any product at the comfort of your home.

Your online shopping experience just got better at If you are looking for the best deals in the prices of goods and products and a most reliable and trusted online shopping market, I bet you found the right one in There are many reasons why you should do your buying and selling on

Adbays provides the best deals and offers on products ranging from electronics, clothing, furniture, home & garden and many more. Goods on Adbays are sold at marked down prices. You are assured of quality and absolute customer satisfaction on every transaction you make on this online market.

At Adbays, you can easily make extra money on items you no longer use by simply uploading a picture of it with description. It is as simple as that, a few clicks and your item gets into the world market.

Customers are assured of prompt delivery of products sold by third parties plus shipping deals on products to save you from unwarranted expenditures.

Products Sold by Third Parties Are Delivered by Third parties and Adbays Shall not be held responsible in any case. Shopping at is very easy, AdBays offers a number of payment options like credit cards payment, payment via Cheques etc for paid Advertisements or Featured Ads

AdBays has a customer support facility. Customers can reach them easily through email (can be found on the website’s homepage), or phone call and report any fraudulent activity or ads to them for necessary measures to be taken.

Adbays takes full responsibility for the delivery of all products sold to customers by AdBays. So you are guaranteed of customer protection. For detailed information on security, read the delivery information on the website’s homepage

There’s no safest place to transact your business than An online market that offers the best deals on products, easy shopping and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction just like is what you need.