VISAL Insurance Brokers congratulates Chairman of B5 Plus Limited

July 12, 2017
VISAL Insurance Brokers congratulates Chairman of B5 Plus Limited

The Managing Director of VISAL Insurance Brokers, Mr. Vincent Sali, has congratulated the Chairman of the B5 Plus Limited, a leading manufacturer of steel products, Mr. Vasdev Mukesh Thakwani, for wining Industrialist of the Year at the Ghana @ 60 edition of the Ghana Entrepreneurs and Corporate Awards (GECEA) event.

In a congratulatory statement, Mr. Sali said the award is a testament to Mr. Thakwani's "dedication, hard work and commitment to Ghana's economy."

"From a humble beginning some 15 years ago, you have grown your business into an empire through hard work, dedication to duty and honesty," he noted.

Mr. Sali, who is a business associate of the B5 Plus Limited, explained that throughout their relationship, Mr. Thakwani has always placed quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront, and that it came as no surprise that he was recognised for his astute leadership and entrepreneurial abilities.

Commenting on the impact of B5 Plus's operations in the country, Mr. Vincent Sali noted that it has so far offered over 1000 direct and indirect employment opportunities to Ghanaians across the country.

In the area of Education, Mr. Thakwani has contributed immensely in imparting quality knowledge through the Delhi Public School, which he has invested heavily in for the benefit of mankind.

Through Mr. Thakwani tutelage, B5 Plus Limited has, over the years, engaged in a number of philanthropic gestures, including supporting the community, the underprivilegded and the needy in society.

"The entrepreneurial spirit he shares with the people around him is invaluable. He constantly encourages those he is associated with to build their own businesses based on strong values; his advice has, no doubt, contributed to the growth of VISAL Insurance Brokers," he added.

In Mr. Sali's opinion, B5 Plus Limited has demonstrated genuine confidence in Ghana over the years and must be encouraged to do more for the steel industry and the economy as a whole.

"On behalf of VISAL Insurance Brokers, I, once again, say congratulations and thank you for the support. This is just the beginning of many awards to come," Mr. Sali said.

The GECEA is a leading competition for emerging entrepreneurs, corporate executives, established business owners, as well as innovative and creative entrepreneurs who own and operate businesses.