Gayobi Achawa Foundation renovates Mosque at GIJ

April 13, 2017
Source: l Ghana
Gayobi Achawa Foundation renovates Mosque at GIJ

The Ganyobi Achawa Foundation, owned by one of Ghana’s fast rising media personality, Betty Winifred Achawa Sackey, in collaboration with Ghana Muslim Student’s Association, has renovated the students' Mosque of the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

The event which was held at the campus of the Ghana Institute of Journalism attracted a number of Muslim students, personalities from the Muslim community, representatives from corporate institutions and a section of the media.

Speaking in an interview, after the handing over ceremony, Betty Winifred Achawa Sackey, said their main aim is to have a meaningful impact on the school.

”As a final year of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, I decided to do a project which will be of benevolence not only to the school but to identify the problem and bring solution to it. so i chose the mosque because it really needed some renovation” she added.

As part of the renovation, the foundation also provided mat, kettle, polytank, canopies for holy Quran, PA system, Water Holes amongst others.

Present at the ceremony were Sheikh I.C Quaye, Miss Fadila Ahmed and a host of others.

Achawa, reading Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, presented citations to some of the personalities from the Muslim community including Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim and also showed apprecation to Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim, Sheikh Arimeyaw Gebril, the Royal Bank Foundation and Magic Malt for their tremendous support throughout the period.

The renovation of the Mosque was funded by the Gayobi Achawa Foundation as part of its developmental projects across the country.