Bacchus, your healthy energy drink

April 12, 2017
Source: Norvan Acquah - Hayford/
Bacchus, your healthy energy drink

Aside increasing your energy release and mental alertness, researchers have suggested that the components of energy drinks are in charge of increasing mood and performance.

Today, on the Ghanaian market, there is that one energy drink that does wonders for your mood, energy level and mental alertness – BACCHUS ENERGY DRINK.

Currently, most energy drinks on the market contain high caffeine, citric acid and sugar, which a lot of people try to avoid. It is for this same reason that the manufacturers of Bacchus decided to come up with an energy drink that is contains absolutely minimal of these ingredients, and is, at the same time, capable of sparking off maximum alertness and performance.

Bacchus contains ginseng and helps to regulate body metabolism for a healthier living and has no known side effect.

The premium non-alcoholic beverage produced in Korea is the first ginseng formulated energy drink in Ghana, and when consumed, motivates and unleashes the potential in you and helps you accomplish your goals.

Ever since Bacchus Energy Drink was launched in the country last year, its patrons say it boosts physical energy and reduces fatigue.

The drink, which is different and unique in nature, has other ingredients which include taurine, royal jelly, multi-vitamin B complex, inositol, and apple juice.

The natural drink has been certified by the Food and Drugs Authority. It is also differentiated from other energy drinks by its lack of carbonation.

With great benefits, Bacchus improves physical performance, improves vision, and of course, maximises energy.

Some patrons have described the Bacchus Energy Drink as the “miracle drink.”

Bacchus energy drink believes that everyone has goals they would like to pursue in life. But achieving goals can be difficult because it takes effort, hard work and determination before one can succeed, and with Bacchus, you can be successful, ambitious, forward-looking and empowered.

The energy drink, which has been in existence for over 80 years, is also highly consumed in America, Australia, New Zealand, London, Guatemala, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Guam, Hawaii, Nigeria and Mongolia, outside Asia.

Currently, in Ghana, Bragha (Gh) Limited is the exclusive distributor of Bacchus Energy Drink. All wholesalers and retailers can contact Bragha (Gh) Limited located at No. 10 Dadeban Loop, North Industrial Area, Accra, Ghana, near Melcom Plus or call +233-243-500-082/+233-540-110-925.

Bacchus Energy Drink can be found at Koala, MaxMart, Marina Mall, Legon Campus, Shell Filling Stations, Goil Filling Stations, Airport Duty-Free Shops and All leading pubs, retail shops, supermarkets and restaurants.   

Bacchus, Drive Your Energy!!!!