Mercybel Décor the elegant work of an artistic lady

April 6, 2017
Source: Obed Attah Yeboah/
Mercybel Décor the elegant work of an artistic lady

She never envisioned that what was once her pastime would become her goldmine. Her decorations are so eye-catching that they have caught the attention of reputable organisations including banks. In fact, I have decided she be the decorator for my wedding in future.

Early life

Mercy Abakah, CEO of Mercybel Décor, was born in Dansoman, Accra, to Mr. John Abakah and Mrs. Kate Ofori; and the second of six children. She began her schooling at Ewit Preparatory and continued at Ebenezer Secondary School, both in Dansoman.

As a child, Mercy had always been passionate about decoration. Children are often happy to follow their parents to functions like weddings, birthday parties, among others mainly because of the food and drinks that will be served. But Mercy went for a different reason. She went there to see how nicely the venues had been decorated. Over time, she began fantasising about being a decorator one day.

So, right after secondary school, she decided to learn the vocation at a decor company in Dansoman.

The birth of the décor

After she completed the course, she started practicing at home.

“Once, I was at home doing some floral arrangement [putting flowers together colourfully in a pot], a lady saw me and said she wants me to do one for her. When I did it for her she was very pleased with the work and so she introduced me to more clients. Around the same time, a friend of mine also contracted me to do a décor for her at her wedding. Through these contracts, I was able to raise capital for my business.”

At the wedding, other people took her contact and called her for their events, and that was how she was able to get clients.

How the business has progressed

She started the business with an apprentice, but now she has three apprentices. She has also been able to broaden her customer base. Among her clients are some of the big banks in the country.

Currently, Mercybel Décor offers services for wedding planning, party decorations, and corporate and private events management services at very moderate charges.


The stone age problem of lack of capital for expansion has been a very serious challenge for many businesses, and Mercy is not spared either. She wants to expand her business and open branches in other towns and cities, but she does not have the capacity to do so.

How she markets her products

Todays’ businesses cannot underestimate the effect of social media on their operations. Mercybel Décor has accounts on major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where she freely advertises her products and services.

She is presently developing a website where customers can log on and see the varieties of products she offers, make orders, and find more about the company.

Word of mouth has also been another means for advertisement. Everywhere she finds herself, she does not hesitate to talk to people about her business and show pictures of what she does.

And at events, she gives her contact cards to people who later make contact with her.

How she has benefitted from education

Even though she has no higher education, the knowledge she had from being in secondary school has helped her to communicate fluently in the English language.

Education has also helped her manage her business in a professional way.


In the next three years, Mercybel Décor has the vision of becoming one of the leading names in decorations for big events in the country.