Vera Bekoe...the new make-up artist in town

March 16, 2017
Source: Obed Attah Yeboah/
Vera Bekoe...the new make-up artist in town

Sometimes, when I see some ladies in make-ups I ask myself: “Did this lady really look herself in the mirror before walking out of her home?” Frankly, some are awful, not because those ladies are not beautiful but they just do not know how to apply the right mix of make-ups.

Maybe, next time, I have to respectfully direct them to Vera, the new make-up artist in town. At the sight of her, no one will tell you she is the new make-up artist in town. Find out how she came up with her business—Glamup_gh.

Vera Bekoe, the CEO of Glamup_gh, was born in Nigeria to Mr. Emmanuel Awuku Bekoe and Mrs. Juliana Owiredu. Later, they returned to Ghana where she had her basic education at Celestial School Complex in Tema and continued at the Mfantsiman Girls Senior High School, Salt Pond in the Central Region. After completing SHS in 2008, she entered the University of Professional Studies, Accra, and graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 2013.

From infancy, she fancied becoming a banker. She always loved to see ladies dressed in their suits and in high-heeled shoes, moving in and around the banking hall serving their customers. In fact, that informed her decision to study business at both the secondary and tertiary levels of her education.

After her university education, she did her national service at the Students Loan Trust Fund. Unlike many graduates, favour found her and she got a job with a private firm right after national service.

Her love for make-ups

Vera has always loved looking good since she was a child. She saw her mother always apply some make-up to her face whenever they were going out, be it church, wedding, or any other public gathering.

In fact, she recalls the time when she would sneak and use her mother’s eye shadows, pencils, powder, and lipstick whenever she went out to see her friends so she could look good. That was how she nurtured her a passion for make-ups.

That passion has continued to blaze in her till date. In fact, at the sight of her, no one will tell you she is a fun of make-ups.

How make-up has become her business

As a degree-holder in business administration, it is only natural that she would want to start her own business after the many hours of studying entrepreneurship as part of her courses.

“I learned from the university during our entrepreneurship course that one way to get a business idea is through what you love doing. I looked within and around me and realised that one thing that I loved doing was make-ups. So, I thought about starting a business in this field.”

However, Vera did not rely on her passion alone to start this business. She saw the need for education and training in this area so she could hone her skills and perfect her art.

So, last year, she consulted one of the best make-up artists in town to offer her training for three months. After the training, she was then ready to commercialise something that she had always done for fun.

She communicated the idea to her younger sister who offered her help and gave her a befitting name for the business—Glamup_gh. She went ahead to also contact a friend who designed a logo for her. The stage was thus set for Vera’s passion to become a business.

She further created accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, among others.

And of course, her first clients will be family and friends. She called some of her friends and offered her services free of charge just to get a sincere feedback from them.

Her strengths

Because her business is new on the market, she wants to build a brand that will register quality service in the minds of her clients. So, she combines professionalism with excellent services to attract and retain them.

Again, she strives to develop a personal relationship with her clients which gives her the opportunity to advise them on what will best suit them rather than copying blindly from people. However, she is careful not to interfere in what customers really want if they insist.

Her rates are also very moderate compared with other make-up artists in town.


Vera’s main challenge in this enterprise is dealing with humans with different tastes and preferences.

“Some of the clients see images of people on social media and will like to look exactly as them. But they forget that those are edited images and the person in reality may not look as she appears in the picture. If you try explaining this to them they don’t understand. All they are interested in is to look like someone in an edited picture.

Another challenge she observes is the influx of fake make-up products on the market.

“If you don’t take a very critical look at some of the products, you will end up buying fake ones. Some of these fake products are so identical to the original that if you don’t take care, you won’t be able to identify. And if you use a fake product on your client and it fades or washes away in no time, you lose that customer because she will think you are not good at your work. Meanwhile, it is not necessarily your fault.”

But for Vera, ever since realising that some of the products on the market are fake, she makes sure she buys them from a trusted source.

How education has helped

Vera believes having a degree in business administration has been very helpful in her exploits.

“I studied entrepreneurship in the university and it has really been helpful. It has helped me to withstand pressure even in difficult times. It has helped me in how I brand myself and my products to appeal to new customers.”


Even though she has started from humble beginnings, she has a bigger vision for her business. She wants to make it an institution where she can train other ladies so they can add a touch of professionalism to their services.

She also wants Glamup_gh to become one of the leading names in the make-up and beauty industry.


“I will advise young ones who have passion for any business not to downplay the value of education and training in their areas of interest. You can be passionate but you need knowledge to drive that passion before you can succeed. So, learn from the right people and place, and pursue your passion and it will be a good business.”