Cindy Rice Not Plastic or Rubber Grains

December 29, 2016
Source: thebftonline
Cindy Rice Not Plastic or Rubber Grains

Ramani Distribution Company is the sole importer and distributor of Cindy rice and other consumer products into Ghana.  It has come to the notice of the company of the circulation of certain videos and communication via social media purporting to show that Cindy Rice is artificially manufactured grains of plastic or rubber.  

Ramani Distribution is a company that prides itself in offering proper nutrition from its products and has subjected the full range of its products to scrutiny and tests by the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana and the Ghana Standards Board. Products from Ramani Distribution have passed all these tests and are fully certified by all relevant regulatory bodies.

Cindy Rice is milled, processed, packaged and shipped with strict adherence to quality and protocol that ensures that every batch is inspected and approved. With a commitment to up to date technology and better standards of practice, the public should remain assured of the quality of Cindy Rice and disregard any such media displaying otherwise.