Graphic Boss advises new government to encourage Ghanaian businesses

December 18, 2016
Source: Persis Roberts |thebftonline |Ghana
Graphic Boss advises new government to encourage Ghanaian businesses

The Managing Director of Graphic Communications Group Ltd,Mr. Kenneth Ashigbey believes one of the paramount areas the incoming government should focus on is to encourage local businesses to grow would in order to boost the economy.

“I pray that the new government that has come will allow Ghanaian businesses that were formed under the last regime to still thrive. Let's allow Ghanaian businesses to win and succeed. That is the only way Ghana is going to develop,” he said during the Graphic Advertisers Awards in Accra.

Mr.Ashigbey expressed concern on how patronage of Made in Ghana goods is on the low. He added that most state owned companies that are not advancing could be assisted by having good leadership in these organisations and at the national level.

He added that, “with the right kind of governance systems,Ghanaian state owned companies can thrive, once political leaders take their hands off state owned organisations, put in  the right governance structures ,put in the right key performance indicators (KPIs),Ghanaian businesses can make it.¨

“It is also important that all of us will patronise Ghanaian products, let's give opportunities for Ghanaians to go forward ,it is only when  Ghanaian businesses are thriving,that as a country we will be able to succeed,¨  he explained.

In November last year, the MADE IN GHANA CAMPAIGN was officially launched to sensitize Ghanaians on the need to patronize Ghanaian products.

The Kufuor government also championed the Friday-wear campaign all in a bid to encourage patronage of Ghanaian products especially Fabric.

Over the years there have been campaigns from various stakeholders, on the importance of buying Ghanaian products.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry launched a policy, in October this year, to engineer  the promotion of local products  and services and strive for the enactment of legislation to aid  its implementation.

The policy is intended to encourage Ghanaians to exercise a preference for buying and promoting the purchase of goods and services made or produced in Ghana.

Minister of Trade and Industry Mr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah  during the launch of the MADE IN GHANA CAMPAIGN said ,the myth that Made-in-Ghana goods are inferior and often too expensive is hurting efforts of the Made-in-Ghana agenda and thus the need for the general public to wholly participate in championing the course.

He said the general public have a role to play in the way the country wants to pursue its vision of becoming an export-based economy.

 “Widespread consumption of Made-in-Ghana goods and services will help stabilise the cedi and create jobs for Ghanaians. Anytime you buy an imported According to the minister, the Made-in-Ghana campaign is not just about talking and advertising locally produced goods and services, but also about supporting Ghanaian manufacturers to grow their skill to the scale of international  competitors.