Strategic corporate mentorship key to organizational growth - McOttley Holdings CEO

November 30, 2016
Source: thebftonline |Ghana
Strategic corporate mentorship key to organizational growth - McOttley Holdings CEO

Richard Dugan, CEO of McOttley Holdings, has stated that the key to organizational growth is strategic mentorship.

Mr. Dugan stated that an important element that can serve as a catalyst for organizational growth is the adoption of formalized corporate mentorship programme that focuses on enhancing the capacity of employees, giving them responsibility, empowering them to take decisions and holding them accountable for those decisions.

“The decision to enhance the capacity of employees must be part of a well-designed mentorship programme where experienced mentors are identified within the corporate environment to lead less experienced employees,” he said after he was awarded as the Manager of the Year at Prime Business Destination forum and awards organized by European Business Assembly in Germany.

At the award ceremony, McOttley Capital was also awarded the prestigious Best Enterprise Award of the Year for their strong position in the national market, the company’s status in the international ratings, the utilization of modern management technologies, high staff qualification levels and a successful marketing strategy.

“Our approach at McOttley is simple; identify talents and give them responsibilities to execute higher order tasks, monitor them for a while, if we realize they are struggling with the tasks, a more experienced member of staff is brought in to lead the team for a maximum of 6 months so they can serve as mentors to the young leaders,” he stated.

Mr. Dugan also advised that even though it’s critical for entrepreneurs to understand and monitor every facet of their business operations, they should not focus on being micro-managers but they should bring in expertise and also deploy systems and structures that ensure efficiency and accountability.

“We are a Holding Company with three subsidiaries operating under the McOttley brand and we have ensured that each strategic business unit is led by experts who are empowered to take decisions but are also ultimately responsible and accountable for those decisions,” he added.

McOttley Holdings Limited is an award winning holding company with subsidiaries namely McOttley Capital, McOttley Money Lending and McOttley Properties. In 2016, McOttley Capital was named Ghana’s Best Growing Investment Bank in addition to being named the Best Boutique Investment Bank by Capital Finanace International (CFI).