Siemens Ghana Launches Oil and Gas Training Programme

January 18, 2017
Siemens Ghana Launches Oil and Gas Training Programme

To further demonstrate its commitment to assisting Ghana meet her expanding energy needs, Siemens Oil and Gas Limited Ghana, has launched an Oil and Gas sector training programme to help build local capacity in the sector.

The training program developed by Siemens Oil and Gas Equipment Ltd together with its JV Partner Draper Oil and Gas aims to deliver training to selected individuals, with the purpose of building up human capital within Ghanaians.

The nine month training programme, which commenced in October, 2016 is in collaboration with the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and the Petroleum Commission (PC), and is set to be completed by June 2017. Altogether, 16 participants including 3 current employees of Siemens Oil and Gas Ltd. with various specialties in Engineering were shortlisted from the over 300 applications received from across the country.

“We consider this investment in skills development and knowledge transfer of know-how from Siemens into Ghanaian local content development more than just corporate social responsibility. It is also a sustainable and viable investment into job creation and the strengthening of this critical sector of Ghana’s economy” says Edmund Mr. Acheampong, CEO Siemens Oil and Gas Limited, Ghana.

“We firmly believe that sustainable business growth lies intrinsically in developing society. Beyond providing training for these young Ghanaian professionals, Siemens in collaboration with its local partners in the Oil and Gas will offer additional employment to 3 outstanding participants in varied capacities after they complete”, added Acheampong.

Siemens, which is currently active in over 200 countries, has a 156- year track record in engineering excellence, innovation, quality and reliability in Africa. In 2016, Siemens announced several investment projects outlined for Ghana’s energy sector through the provision of infrastructure as well as genuine and sustainable social upliftment.

Ghana is one of Siemens’ key markets and we want our people to know we are here to stay and contribute to the growth of the economy,” concludes Acheampong.