US Gold firm accuses Police top brass in GHC 1.3m scam

June 14, 2017
US Gold firm accuses Police top brass in GHC 1.3m scam

The Director of Strategic and Business Development at Green Global Resources Ltd, James Barbieri is accusing the Ghana Police of having in their possession, 13 boxes of gold worth Ghc1.3million that has still not been returned to his company.

The gold scam case led to the interdiction of the then-East Legon Police Commander, DSP Emmanuel Basintale, and 6 others after they seized 13 gold bars from the firm under the pretext that they bought stolen gold.

Mr Barbieri , who is the victim of the alleged Ghc1.3 million gold scam that led to the interdiction of the Legon Police Commander is accusing the police administration of cover up.

According to James Barbieri, three months after the interdiction, police investigation has stalled.

He also says the company has not been able to recover the cash nor the gold in question.

Addressing a media briefing in Accra, Tuesday, Mr Barbeiri is calling on the police administration to appoint a new investigator since he can no longer trust Inspector Lohdonu who is currently presiding over the case.

He said the seeming corrupt posturing by the security services is driving away investors from the country.


On 12th November 2016, officials of Global Resources Ltd, met Mr. Courage Gegepe Kobby, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of General Union Investment Agencies, a supposed gold dealer to transact business.

Mr Gegepe had in his possession 13 kilos of gold which was tested by the buyers and found to be real gold.

The buyers being officials of Global Resources Ltd paid for the gold but before they could seal the transaction police officers from Legon raided the hotel and arrested them for buying stolen gold.

They were sent to the Legon Police station put in police custody with the 13 kilos of gold taken away from them by the East Legon Police Commander, DSP Mr. Emmanuel Basintale. The gold was supposed to be exhibit.

The victims were later sent to court and charged with buying stolen gold. They were later released.

Whilst in custody, the victims claimed to have witnesses who saw the police commander return to his office at 4:00 am ostensibly to take away the gold.

Later on the same commander was reported to have brought the gold for testing but this time it was fake.

Director of Strategic & Business Development at Global Resources has described as ludicrous claims by the police that the gold paid for by his company was fake.

James Barbieri, at a press conference in Accra Tuesday said “in all, the buyers paid for eleven kilos of gold but were in possession of thirteen (13) kilos which they paid for since the quality of two (2) were tested and found to be below their standard. They used their own technical gold testing equipment and were very convinced of the quality before the payment was made.”