Accra City Hotel: Redefining Hospitality Service Delivery

January 9, 2017
Source: thebftonline
Accra City Hotel: Redefining Hospitality Service Delivery

The beautiful thing about life is the inner verve to find satisfaction for our desires. Accra City Hotel continues to epitomise satisfaction for aficionados of pleasure in Ghana’s chief city. As the reigning Best 4-Star Hotel in Ghana’s capital and the Best Hotel in Customer Service, the hotel is striding in keeping a tab on the changing needs of its cherished guests and the hospitality industry, when it comes to food and beverages offering and delivery. The Hotel has a number of pleasure centres ready to give you an indelible, thrilling experience.

Fihankra is our any time, any day restaurant whose name is derived from the Adinkra symbols assemblage. It means a safe house or a house in security. Fihankra Restaurant is your safe haven for your much cherished dainty delicacies: local or continental. The meals here are natural, fresh and luscious, just the way food is expected to look, smell and taste. You will not see any 86’d on our menu. Every item on our menu is already available.

Freshness, quality and assortment are three watchwords for our Chef De Cuisine. The menu offers a wide range of meals, including assorted starters, salads and soups as well as a varieties of vegetarian dishes. The main courses are simply luscious; they excite gourmets who have sophisticated palates. Guests are spoilt for choices when it comes to meals at the Fihankra Restaurant. Our food and beverage services epitomise a welcoming beacon for people in search of a treat to unwind and refresh!

“Our food quality assurance management is top-notch and uncompromising. Our highly skilled brigade of chefs create the highest quality dishes with passion and flair. We put a contemporary twist on our classic meals,” says Chef Lucky, the Chief Culinarian.

Our back-of-the-house space and items including the garde manger, the charcuterie and commissary, are squeaky-clean. The dining area ambience reflects this approach as well. The colour scheme and palettes deployed with style creates an alluring contemporary servicescape. The hybrid of the local and exotic upholstery and interior designs styles give the restaurant, on the one side, an organised, modern look and feel, and on the other hand, a sensation of being in a large living area of a home. Suffice to say, Accra City Hotel has an excellent fit-out.

“At Accra City Hotel, we offer beyond food and beverages; we create an exhilarating ambience for a great refreshment experience. We’re the discoverers delight,” Yaw Mamphey, the Sales and Marketing Manager, Accra City Hotel.

The beverage concept of our Lounge Bar is one that appeals to guests of all origins and palates.  Our wide ranged signature drinks including our chasers are some of the finest, sparkling and frothiest wines in the world.

We also have an al fresco arena – Pool Terrase, adjacent our swimming pool for your thrilling eating and relaxing. Our Pool Terrase, Lounge Bar and the Fihankra Restaurant intersperse easily with one another, allowing the food and beverage operation to concentrate its activities in a large, demarcated area, instead of having the outlets spread around the Hotel. This allows guests to stroll from one area to the next with ease. 

If you would like a little bit of extravagance, let the Hotel create a menu just for you. Accra City Hotel can create the most memorable private dining experience tailored to the requirements of you and your guests.

If you have any dietary requirements or food allergies please let us know before your next visit and we will do our utmost to meet your needs.

The unparalleled experience we deliver to our guests has increased greatly, the footfalls to Accra City Hotel. At the end of your indelible experience at The Business Haven, you will say “Thank You” and we will say, “It’s a privilege serving you”.