Free NHIS and bank accounts at 3rd Banking and Insurance Fair

June 19, 2017
Source: l Ghana
Free NHIS and bank accounts at 3rd Banking and Insurance Fair

Patrons of the third edition of the annual Banking and Insurance Fair will get the chance to renew or be registered freely onto the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), access free investment advisory services and also be able to open bank accounts with as little as GH?20 deposit, Samuel Ogyiri Sackey, Chief Executive Officer of Kotlers Management Limited, organisers of the event has indicated.

The gesture, according to him, are part of various packages that have been put in place to reward visitors to the fair aside the issuance of certificate of attendance for persons who register and attend the forum on the 11th of August, 2017.

Broadly, the two-day fair will among others, inculcate and develop the habit of banking, savings, investments and pensions in the youth, help extend financial inclusion to the unbanked and insured publics and enable financial players to deepen bonds with existing and new clients.

Banking institutions, insurance companies, SME’s traders, employees, IT practitioners, fund managers and brokers will seize the opportunity to sell their innovative products and services to the right audience using the appropriate platform and mileage

Mr. Sackey told the B&FT in an interview: “It is very imperative for any person who receives income to attend this fair to be able to know the best way to have a sound financial future. Institutions, parents and companies must encourage their wards and members to attend and to open savings account or learn about how to handle their finances.”

He added: “The fair will bring all sections of the public to patronage; some people will want to know whether to keep their bank or insurance policy or if there were other better alternatives just a step away during the fair.

Others will come to be educated on other financial products that could go well with their family and business.  Again, others will want to know other alternatives to the main pension scheme offered by SSNIT, and also where to secure good investment capital from.”

This year’s fair will bring together over 20,000 participants and will reach over 500,000 people through various advertisements and publicity.

The Banking and Insurance Fair is being held in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB) and in consultation with the various business associations in the banking and insurance sectors.

Exhibitors of the two-day event will put up booths and engage patrons to their various services and products.

The fair will include seminars and forums where consumers of insurance and banking products can share their complaints and get the needed feedback in the bid to sanitise the public image of the banking and insurance practice.