Glo introduces Talk More, Flexi Recharge, other products

February 16, 2017
Glo introduces Talk More, Flexi Recharge, other products

Glo Mobile Ghana has  launched exciting new products designed to empower customers to call and browse with data at the most affordable rates and convenience. The products include Talk More, a prepaid plan specially designed to eliminate subscribers’ apprehension about the cost of making calls across all networks, enabling customers to make calls to the networks in Ghana at the most affordable flat rate. 

Glo is also introducing another revolutionary change, the Flexi Recharge, a service that allows flexibility for subscribers to make calls and use data without the fear of being charged heavily when they do not have data bundles.

The third product is Glo’s set of New Data Plans, which enable various categories of people have access to more data bundles as their purse may permit at any point in time.

With Talk More, subscribers will be able to make calls to all networks in Ghana at 11 pesewas per minute. Subscribers also get free data on every recharge. Due to its attractiveness in terms of the high benefit it offers, the Glo Talk More is a default plan on all new SIMs, allowing new subscribers to enjoy the benefits from their first call on the network. It will also be available to all the existing prepaid customers on the network. Such subscribers can sign on freely by dialing *567# to migrate.

Customers will get free data on every recharge. While a GHc1 gets 25MB, GHc2 gets 50MB and GHc5 gets 125MB. For heavy users, a GHc10 recharge gets 250MB, while GHc20 and GHc50 get 500MB and 1250MB respectively.

Validity for the free data will be 1day, 2days, 5 days, 10 days, 20 days and 50 days for a corresponding recharge of GHc 1, GHc 2, GHc 5, GHc10, GHc 20 & GHc 50 denomination respectively.

A statement from Glo quotes the Head of Business at Glo Mobile, Mr Nagasai Viswanath as saying that the product “is a response to a need to ensure subscribers call for less and derive the maximum value from every cedi spent on recharging”.

All the voice calls are charged on a per second basis.

The objective of Flexi Recharge is to allow easy access and flexibility between using voice and data by offering data at almost bundle rates to all the customers. With this, customers no longer need to fear when their data bundles are exhausted.

Once the customer’s main account is credited with the recharge value, he can either use voice as per profile rate and data at the rate of Gp3/MB from the main account balance only if they do not have a data bundle.

Customers who exhaust their data bundle need no longer fear as their data usage will thereafter be charged at 3 Pesewas/MB until they renew their data plan.

Similarly, the network has also introduced two New Data Packs, namely 400MB & 850MB. The 400MB pack, which costs GHc 5 and the 850MB pack, which costs GHc 10, both have validity of 30days. This is unprecedented in the telecoms industry.