Manual NSS registration starts

July 26, 2017
Source: Natasha APPIAH l l Ghana
Manual NSS registration starts

This year’s manual registration for successfully posted National Service Personnel has commenced in the various regions in the country.

This year, a total of 91,871 graduates from various tertiary institutions successfully registered with the National Service Scheme to undertake the mandatory one-year national duty.

Out of this number, 76,908 were deployed to the public sector and a total of 14,963 to the private sector.

Speaking to the media after a tour of some of the registration centres in Accra, Mustapha Yusif, Executive Director for National Service Scheme (NSS), said: “All service personnel should go to their respective centres and should also follow the rules and regulations governing the process, they should not try to circumvent it.

People will sit at home while their colleagues come to stand here the whole day and when they come they want to register and go. It is going to be solely on first come first served bases.”

Although this year’s deployment number is huge, Mr Yusif stated that online registration is not an option since they want to ensure that genuine service personnel are registered.

“It will be difficult for us to do registration online because we want to be sure that the people we are registering are the real people who are supposed to do service. This manual process will enable us authenticate the registrants, for which reason we require ID Cards; either the passport, the voters ID card, driving license or student ID.

This will ensure only genuine service personnel get registered; that those who were deployed online to a place are the same ones going. Although online is good, if human element is not applied, it could bring problems which then become a burden on the government,” he said.

During the visit, it was realised that various banks have set up at the registration centres to enable students who do not have E-Zwich card to obtain one.