Industry must invest in Academia- Dr. Baah - Nuakoh

April 12, 2017
Source: Felicia Ansah/
Industry must invest in Academia- Dr. Baah - Nuakoh

Dr. Kwame Baah-Nuakoh, Senior Vice-President, in-charge-of Marketing, Research and Corporate Affairs of Royal Bank Limited has challenged industry to be proactive to churn out their support and resources to Academia to collectively equip students the skills and quality that industry require in the field of work.

According to him, industry should operate where their mouth is because if they want or need a particular brand of quality to occupy certain positions within industry, they must invest for such value because elsewhere, industry provide funds and direct academia the kind of quality they are looking for.

He shared this with the B&FT during a one week inter-tertiary quiz competition tailored to sensitise students and the general public on financial literacy and inclusion which was held at the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana recently.

He further explained that; “When we can begin to shape the curricular and the courses that, the universities teach their students, then we can get the kind of quality we are looking for but if we don’t invest in them then, I don’t think we have any cause to think that it is somebody’s responsibility to train people for industry.”

Dr. Baah – Nuakoh noted that, there are several policies that “I think we need to rethink, anything you practice for some time should constantly be undergoing a review and I am sure the universities are reviewing it, but somebody should be telling them what direction they should take.”

For instance, he said, should the Universities be reviewing their curricular, we as an industry should be telling them what we want especially the National Accreditation Board and other stakeholders should be leading this and know where education is heading towards in the country and review where necessary.  

He further reiterated that “One can effect changes in Academia through a comprehensive research work to be able to tore a substantive Academic path which is pointing to a particular direction, to inform policy, and I think we need to move away from making policies based on sentiments,’ he noted.

Commenting on policy initiatives, he noted that I am very particular about we making informed decisions, devoid of sentiments and our polices must be based on research findings and not guess work because it has the potential to collapse a policy framework.