Uber set to extend services to Kumasi by September

May 14, 2017
Source: B&FT Online | Ghana
Uber set to extend services to Kumasi by September

Uber, a ride hailing service, has stated that it will by September 2017, extend its services to Kumasi, the second largest city in the country.

According to the company, even though it has been in the country for only seven months, demand is getting high due to the service’s reliability and affordability, thus the need to satisfy their clients. 

Even though some taxi drivers are signed onto Uber, some few weeks ago, it was reported that some taxi drivers were angry at Uber because unlike them, Uber does not pay taxes on their service.

However, General Manager of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, Alon Lits clarified that Uber is just an application that creates a platform for drivers and passengers to link up, it is not a transport company therefore they do pay taxes as a company but not on the transportation service.

In answering some of the frequently asked questions, Uber explained that the surge pricing is as a result of demand and supply therefore they would rather give their clients an option of a higher price than to leave their clients stranded.

“It took 5 and half years for Uber to reach 1 billion trips but it took just 6 months after to reach 2 billion and your security is assured. When travelling by yourself, you are actually never alone with Uber. You could send a link about your whereabouts to your friend and there’s a GPS enabled so your friend can easily pick up your location. Your safety is assured,” said Alon.

Fredrick Frimpong, Greenlight Coordinator for Uber Ghana said: “even though Uber doesn’t have a helpline, we’re trying to come up with a model which is more scalable. So, we are rather considering the option of online service instead of phone calls because running a phone call system will not be effective enough for us. The whole idea is the in-app support we have. There are issues that come up with the trips, so once you lodge a complaint, we'd call you but please note that we've been here for just 7 months, less than a year so processes for a better service are still on going.”