Be more proactive towards customers—CIMG boss tells businesses

December 21, 2016
Source: Patrick Paintsil | | Ghana
Be more proactive towards customers—CIMG boss tells businesses

President of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG), Kojo Mattah, has urged businesses to build and maintain appropriate relationships with clients as a means of ensuring continuous and successful business engagements.

According to him, forging those lasting relationships would require time, effort and tact but it is only when marketing professionals strictly adhere to such core values that they can help their organisations to increase sales, sustain jobs and boost profitability.

Speaking at the 27th CIMG President’s Ball in Accra, he said: “Customers today are ready to reward the businesses that treat them as individuals and tailor their products and communications to fit their personal circumstances.

If you do not have a clear view of who your customers are, then it stands to reason that you will not be able to connect with them in a way they want.

Customised solutions that meets the demands of customers shows an understanding of the needs and problems of the client on the part of the marketer. Building customers requires measured promises that exceeds the expectations of customers.”

Mr. Mattah emphasised that the proliferation of multi-channel environments in the sharing of information has pushed up consumer expectations; a trend that requires marketers to be proactive.

To him, “a well-managed multi-channel strategy is a critical component in a successful business operation. Leading executives are now able to position their companies to achieve higher levels of customer experience while reducing costs with this approach.”

The CIMG boss also urged marketing professionals to continually refresh their strategies and evolve the capabilities to meet the changing consumer preferences as marketing technologies continue to expand.

The CIMG President’s Ball is a calendar event of the institute that sets the platform for discussions on pertinent trends/topics in the marketing profession as a means to improving customer experience.

President of Groupe Ideal and guest speaker for the event, Dr. Nii Kotei Dzani, urged healthy competition among businesses while imploring the CIMG to develop a product that businesses can leverage to touch base with customers.

This year’s event on the theme “Forging stronger customer relationships in multi-channel environment: the marketing connectivity factor” provided an avenue for networking, sharing of ideas and generate new business leads.

The night also saw the induction of new associate members, corporate members and fellows of the institute.