Adansi Rural Bank inaugurates new Akrokeri office complex

January 11, 2017
Adansi Rural Bank inaugurates new Akrokeri office complex

The Adansi Rural Bank at Fomena in the Adansi North District of  the Ashanti Region has  inaugurated its new ultra-modern Akrokeri office complex at Akrokeri..

The newly-constructed edifice  will house the already existing Akrokeri  branch. The bank now promises to penetrate the market much deeper, since the new office complex has all the facilities to make customers much more comfortable in their dealings with the Bank..

The old banking premises -- which was not originally designed and built for banking purposes -- could no longer cope with the increasing number of customers who wanted to access the bank’s products and services.

Customers of the bank as well as prospective ones have further been urged to take advantage of the bank’s present operational growth and be part of the ownership by acquiring shares to get better returns on their investment.

 The Chairman of the Board of Directors Alhaji Ahmed Kwame Boakye disclosed that the Bank has  advanced plans  to open branches   outside Ashanti Region.

He advised workers and staff of the Bank to uphold customer service which is the key to business success, while he assures them of the Board’s commitment to its work for more progress.

He expressed his profound appreciation to shareholders and customers of the bank for their show of loyalty, patience and dedication all these years.  He has therefore assured them that Adansi Rural Bank will continue to deliver excellent service and innovative products to serve their needs.

The General Manager of Bank, Akwasi Ossei – Nkrumah said the Bank’s current financial position is so strong and attributed this to customer loyalty while he promised to expand the micro finance operations for business growth with user friendly ATM service to be introduced soon.

He called on the government to be very considerate and do a downward review of  the current  corporate tax  being paid by rural and community banks since rural banks have a responsibility for the growth of rural communities.