VegFest 2017 launched

August 4, 2017
VegFest 2017 launched

A campaign to get individuals to recognize vegetarianism as a healthy option and embrace more organic foods in order to enjoy adisease-free lifestyle would be pronounced at the upcoming vegetarian food fair slated for December.

Speaking at the launch of the 11th Annual VegFest in Accra, Dr. Kofi Asare, who is the President of VegGhana, stated that the event would comprise a weekend of healthy food, natural health and hand made products.

According to him, associating with vegetarians would help shape an individual to eat right from wrong.

He also explained that the VegFest has deliberately been fixed on Farmers Day, (December 1, 2017), because "we have noticed that good eating starts from the farm and not just the kitchen, we will come together, talk about not only the types of food but how it is produced right from the farms.

The use and misuse of agrochemicals, the dangers of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and all that are factored into our eating because they are the original source of food that can give diseases.

We are therefore launching this so people become aware that real healthy eating starts from the production of the farm, Dr. Kofi Asare told B&FT in an interview during a gathering of stakeholders of VegGhana in Accra.

The 11th Annual VegFest, which is under the theme, "Healthy Lifestyles Beyond a Meatless Diet, is designed to get people to understand that the quitting of meat alone does not constitute a healthy lifestyle but one's emotions, relationships are make up a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Samuel Sasu, also an advocate of vegan lifestyle says there should be a massive investment in organic foods and reckons one of the surest ways to do that is to pay farmers more to enable them churn out more organic foodstuffs.

"Currently, you will find out that those who are going for organic are like going the extra mile, it is to give us cheaper foodstuffs that we are getting a lot of weedicides and pesticides, but those are destroying our environment and are also getting into the produce.

This people are going the extra mile to protect the produce for our own health and so what we need to do, is that we give them a better incentive so that they can grow more. If I would have to pay say five more pesewas to enable the farmer to do better, it is okay to do that than to insist that you are going to buy your organically grown produce the same price as the ones that have all problems."he stated.

One of the converts to a vegan lifestyle is ace musician, Kontihene who shared an inspiring story about his food habits back in the day and encouraged Ghanaians to eat well to stay healthy.

Some health benefits of vegetarianism include; improving the immune system, developing strong and healthier bones, better blood circulation, anti-aging, reduction of risk of cardiovascular disease, less risk of stroke and obesity among others.

The Vegetarian Association of Ghana(VegGhana)was registered in 2005 as an non-governmental(NGO)and not for profit making. It is aimed at promoting the benefits of vegetarianism for one’s health, environment and a more compassionate world.